So, as you know, my name is Ursula (not after the octopus in the Little Mermaid)…

I was born in Peru and moved to the US at 7 years old, fun fact - my first language is Spanish. I am currently based in NYC and Jersey City, NJ. I graduated with a bachelor's in Civil Engineering and that is currently my full-time job but my love for photography is too strong to ever let it go!

So here is my story … My parents always captured their lives through photographs (there’s a chest full of film photos in Peru to prove it). I picked up my dad's film camera at 8 years old and unfortunately broke it (but that's ok because now I have too many). My love for photography continued to grow - thanks to YouTube, I was able to learn a many things and used my first DSLR during every sunrise and sunset at the beach. In between getting my first camera and now, I have had the pleasure to photograph so many people and stories. I feel so so lucky to be able to be part of the small and big moments in people’s lives. We should celebrate it all and photograph it all because it’s all we have to physically look back on!

And just some more about me: I enjoy long walks in thrift stores and anywhere in the city, I LOVE taking film photos of everything, I recently started scrapbooking and I enjoy listening to music at every moment of the day. I am also trying to use social media less but it's a bit hard with a photography business!

Now that you know some (many) things about me, I’d love to learn about you!!! Shall we go to a thrift store or grad a drink?!